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Capefoxx was created as part of the acquisition of Relicense AG in 2020 one of Europe’s leading provider of second hand software. The idea behind Capefoxx is to further expand the business of used software and building on the strong success Relicense has had over the last 10 years in the user software business in Europe. Capefoxx also wants to expand the trading business and at the same time add new products and services to the portfolio. i.e., Software from other vendors, Cloud solutions, Consulting services, etc.


1. We act in the interest of our clients, and offer them a smarter, more flexible, and more cost-effective way to license the software they need. Smart – Safe – Legal

2. We challenge the status quo!

3. Much like the real Capefoxx we have to survive amongst big Software predators like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, VMware and many more, therefor we to have to be agile, tuff, however most of all listen to our client’s needs.



EASY SOFTWARE AG, with its headquarter in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, is developing intuitive and customized software products and services for customers for the digitization of business processes for since 1990. These products can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and automate, mobilize, and optimize their customers’ workflows worldwide. EASY provides these solutions on-premises, in the cloud and mobile. With over 13,600 cross-industry installations, EASY SOFTWARE AG is one of the market leaders for software products and solutions in Germany. Since its foundation in 1990, the company has been active in 60 countries and currently has nearly 400 employees. The EASY SOFTWARE has a network of around 100 partners. Its international subsidiaries are located in Europe, Asia and the USA.


Silver Sponsors


As a Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer, Acino can look back on to a long history in producing oral solid dosage forms for all major generic companies at the highest quality possible and has developed profound and special know-how within this field. Especially for products that are hard to make, Acino has a well-known track record:

– Metroprolol Succinate extended release

– Oxycodon ext. release MUPS technology

– Levodopa/Carbidopa

However, Acino understands well the needs of their customers, e.g. price sensitivity. In combination with our packaging site in Estonia, which is also capable to produce smaller lot sizes, Acino provides a cost competitive production with EU batch release.

Last but not least, Acino is always thriving to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and our professional and experienced technical and commercial teams will always give their greatest commitment to make the impossible possible for our customers.



Founded in 2014, Origina is the only third-party provider of software support services for more than 800 IBM® Passport Advantage applications.

Origina has helped over 100 organizations in 17 countries achieve significant savings in IBM software maintenance costs while extending the software’s lifecycle and improving its performance, stability, and security.

Origina’s international team of independent Global IBM® Experts delivers responsive support and in-depth technical knowledge where companies need it most.



TO BOOK YOUR STAND Contact please Mr. Ronald Russo on +421 221 021 348 or bus.dev(at)allanlloyds.com


Solution providers at the 9th Annual Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit are selected based on the requirements and interests of our delegates.


The best way to showcase your expertise, solutions and services to a highly relevant audience is to sponsor an Allan Lloyds’ conference.

Our conferences are for senior level professionals only. In sponsoring our event, you will be in contact with decision makers in your industry, meaning you will be networking directly with the right people who are looking for the solutions that you provide.

Why to exhibit with Allan Lloyds?

Create a competitive advantage

Participating as a sponsor at our summit takes you straight to your target audience. Demonstrate your business advantage in this competitive market and increase your profile with potential clients and provide good presence for your existing ones.

Build customer relationship

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors. We provide you with the most effective way how to gain great visibility among international attendees, build up your name recognition and differentiate from your competition.

Choose a package according to your needs

Speaking slots? Moderating? Stands? Choose the right way how to showcase your expertise to the audience. We can create a package that will be suitable for your budget and meet all your requirements.

Let people experience your value

Conference schedule allows maximum personal interaction between exhibitors and delegates. Networking coffee breaks and cocktail receptions provide you with an opportunity to discuss your solutions and services with delegates, speakers and potential partners in relaxed atmosphere.

Deliverables of Sponsoring:

  • Company profile gaining
  • Increase of Revenue & Brand awareness
  • Exposure maximization
  • Proving your good presence for your existing clients in the competitive market
  • Face to Face networking and benefit from prearranged one to one meeting
  • Product Showcase
  • Summit speech holding
  • Qualified Leads Acquiring
  • Delegates reach

Like all our Summits the event is tailored to meet your requirements and be discussed. If you are interested in sponsoring and looking to reach professionals from leading companies, please email bus.dev(at)allanlloyds.com for more Information.

We keep a very good ratio between vendors and end-users so you will meet potential clients and not competitors.


TO BOOK YOUR STAND Contact please Mr. Ronald Russo on +421 221 021 348 or bus.dev(at)allanlloyds.com