9th Annual Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit

8 – 9 September 2021 | Amsterdam / Online

The significant impact of the COVID-19 has brought up an acute industry transformation. Due to country lockdowns, travel bans, factory shutdowns, shortages and bankruptcies, aspects such as digitalisation, resilience, sustainability, localisation of suppliers, ScaaS models or future-ready company strategies have become the centre of attention indeed. What precisely will the wave of revolution bring upon us?

The 9th Annual Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit has been designed to embrace all in-progress matters related to detrimental, but also challenging consequences of the global pandemic on the field, redefinition of partner relationships, implementation of viable AI to drive competitive advantage and deliver ROI, initiatives towards a greener supply chain models, standards emerged within recruiting, conduction of risk management to protect your business, visioning future lines of the upcoming era and much more! This interactive business conference will present you cross-industry sourcing and procurement leaders who will reveal their key strategies standing behind their success.

Hot topics that will be discussed
at this annual

  • COVID-19’s lesson: Line-crossing outbroken challenges teasing the stability of sourcing and procurement
  • In-progress matters in global sourcing & procurement world
  • Paving the path towards a green supply chain
  • Facing talent challenges: Why recruiting millennials is more important than ever?
  • Partnering: What will the new partner relationships look like in the post-pandemic world?
  • The ongoing digital transformation of procurement processes
  • Risk management: How to manage the cost pressure and the increase of prices?
  • Future-proof global sourcing & procurement



Procurement Director Guest Techno, Energy & CAPEX


Hospitality Procurement in Times of Crisis During COVID-19

Augmented hospitality and how to rethink our operating and procurement activities within the "new normality”?

• Sourcing
• Digital signage
• Hybrid meeting rooms
• Mobile key
• In-rooms tablet solutions

Michael DÖLL

Head of Global Category Clinical Development


Risk Management – Know Your Business Partner

Critical factors for business success are no longer limited to quality, competence and diligent financial management, but are more than ever driven by effective steering and risk management along the entire value chain. Insofar a holistic Business Partner risk management is key for business success. Boehringer Ingelheim introduced an approach to keep control of supplier and customer relationships.

• Enable business steering
• Keeping up with regulatory requirements
• Ensuring quality standards
• Obtaining a competitive advantage


Vice President Digitalisation & Processes, Global Procurement


Network Orchestration

In this presentation a new light will be put on procurement. Not only does the focus shift from cost to value, but procurement needs to redefine itself. Complex supply chain networks need an orchestrator of tomorrow. Fundamental for the transformation of procurement will be digital fluency and more.

• The complexity of supply chains in automotive
• Procurement as an orchestrator
• The need for digitalisation
• People business


Head of SCM Process Excellence


Future-Proof Global Sourcing & Procurement

Procurement has gone through a deep transformation in the last decades. Today procurement is still in transformation and the changes are faster and more impacting than ever.

Some of the changes we will discuss:
- The shift to a socio-economic focus where diversity, inclusion and the environment are key
- The new analytics and digital capabilities for procurement
- The automation frontier of procurement
- The new Supply Chain Risk Management
- The new capabilities and the expertise required by SCM professionals

• Value beyond savings: Shaping procurement to an accurate version of the new era
• Handling buyers pursuing more visibility and control: Streamline the purchasing process and putting the decision-making power into buyers’ hands
• The future trend of eliminating some of the bureaucracy by leveraging technology and purchasing templates to empower people to run more sourcing events themselves
• Deployment of long-term vs. short-term strategic plans to maintain supply chain firm: Prevention guidelines to steel the business against other eventual catastrophes
• Supply Chain Management following the Black Lives Matter movement: Lights on minorities and women-owned businesses


Center of Expertise Procurement Lead, Chief Procurement Officer – Wholesale Banking ENC


A View Towards the Future of Sourcing & Procurement – The Increasing Role of Vendor Management

The role of the procurement has been changed in the last years. The essence of the procurement activities in the past does not meet the requirements of the VUCA times anymore. The procurement role and strategic target should be adjusted to the market and expectations of the internal and external stakeholders. The only one way to do procurement nowadays is to embed all the activities in the ecosystem of the companies and willingness to understand the expectations and needs. We need to reorientate our function and approach.

• The approach towards procurement yesterday, now and tomorrow
• Strategic direction for the procurement in the future
• Revenues from the procurement activities instead of savings – Why not?
• Ecosystem of companies' management as strategic goal for the procurement in the near future

Had a great opportunity to meet great people from different types of business and learn from their experience and procedures

CPO Europe at Air Liquide

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